West Cork Guest Guide 1


We are Katya and Nastya, a creative duo and best friends. We have admired NATIVE’s work for years and are now proud to be part of the project. While Nastya is in charge of creative direction and communications, Katya, the founder of @napsstudios, is responsible for all textiles. ⁠

Both of us moved to Ireland over five years ago, and by now, we are done with all the tourist bucket lists. But we love exploring Ireland, so we started asking our Irish friends about the country’s hidden gems and kept hearing about the mysterious West Cork. ⁠

If you had one single Saturday in West Cork – we believe its the best way to spend it:⁠

Wake up early and go for a swim in Lough Hyne Lake. Yes, it’s cold, but so worth it – you’ll feel refreshed and energetic for the long day ahead. ⁠

Now that you’re hungry go to Farmer’s market in Skibbereen for breakfast. If you feel lost, here’s our menu – a slice of Gubeen, a handful of fresh tomatoes & a heavenly crépe from @_la_creperie_. A highlight of our visit was finding a pair of beautiful vintage cups – so it’s not just about the food!⁠

If the weather is good, catch a boat to Cape Clear from Baltimore (its a scenic ride and you might be lucky to see dolphins on the way) and make a full ring around the island.  Explore its diversity of nature and beautiful coasts. Stop by for goat milk ice cream at @cleiregoats. ⁠

Finish the day with some cool live beats and pizza at the famous @connollysofleap.⁠ 

Isn’t it a perfect Saturday? Get a long sleep and do more exploring on Sunday. ⁠

With love, ⁠

Katya & Nastya