‘You stay in cabins, we plant native trees.’

An ambitious rewilding project that offers luxury hospitality in the wild Irish landscape.

Native creates beautiful cabins made from local timber, and curates exciting experiences centred on adventure, nature, and wellbeing.

Native was founded on the idea that your travels are an opportunity to enhance and protect the natural environment. We want you to enjoy spending time in the wilderness, and believe the local environment and community can thrive on the back of your adventures.

Native Cabins

Our model is simple:
‘You stay in cabins, we plant native trees.’

Sustainable Architecture

Native Cabins is about beautiful sustainable architecture.

Our cabins are designed with much love and attention by a team of architects who care deeply about the planet.

Native Cabins were designed according to principles of light-footed architecture, in harmony with the natural environment, and with sustainability as a guiding principle in both design and construction.

We are proud that Native Cabins are zero carbon construction: this means more carbon was locked into the building, than was emitted in construction and production of all the materials. This was possible because Native Cabins use all natural materials, local Irish timber, OSB, hemp insulation, wood wool fiber boards, and natural lime render.

These natural materials have the advantage of enabling a healthier, breathable environment, but are also kinder to the planet.

When it comes to sustainability we believe that no one is perfect but everyone can be honest.


Native believes your holiday is an opportunity to protect and enhance the natural environment.

Rewilding is a conservation movement, which aims to make nature a little bit wilder. We believe that by creating more space for nature, wildlife, and natural processes to thrive we have a better chance of reaching the ecological resilience necessary to avoid a climate disaster.

Native Cabins pledges 20% of its profits to financing its own very own Native Environmental Programme. The programme, overseen by a number of ecologists, finances native tree planting, protecting and managing at-risk landscapes, enhancing biodiversity, tackling local environmental issues and supporting local groups and initiatives.

Native Cabins also aims to connect different communities by offering a space for educational, scientific, entertainment and other purposes. So if you have any ideas, please get in touch info@native.ie


We believe that humans are happier, healthier, more fulfilled, and better prepared to deal with life’s challenges when they spend time in nature. We also believe that such experiences increase initiative to protect and conserve it. For this reason we wanted to create a beautiful and intimate setting for you to enjoy spending time in nature.

The Native experience involves staying in our beautiful Native Cabins in the wilderness, with all the services, comforts, and standards of a luxury hotel. Generous showers, organic linen bedding, wood burning stove and Irish wool throws, Native Cabins is a cocoon of luxury from which guests can relax and enjoy spending time in the landscape.

Every day guests are invited to participate in a number of Native Cabins rewilding experiences that have been carefully curated to suit interests and abilities. These include discovery, gastronomy, wellbeing, education and adventure. So you can either site back, relax and listen to the sound of the trees, or join a group and try out something new.

Who we are

Didi Ronan
& Simon Ronan

Didi is a graduate from University College Dublin and the University of Cambridge. She worked for over 10 years in public policy at the RAND corporation, the UN and OECD, conducting research on how business and the economy can drive positive change for both people and planet. She has since moved on to more fun endeavours, dabbling in the music industry, philanthropy, and food writing. Didi loves all things food, design, the forest and the sea.

Simon is a graduate from the Botanical Gardens and University College Dublin School of Architecture. He has over 10 years experience designing exciting projects around the world including the Rio Olympic village, the Xiongan New City in China with Ricardo Bofill Architects, and numerous luxury and eco resorts from the Maldives to Mallorca. Simon is also a design fellow at UCD School of Architecture, where he lectures in landscape architecture and urban design. A passionate horticulturist, Simon loves growing different plants, vegetables and exploring native woodlands.

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