West Cork Guest Guide 3

West Cork has always been a place that lived in my head like a wild dream; nourished with exciting tales from friends, podcast stories in my ears and entrancing images on my feed. 

Now that I’m living back in England, I can only kick myself for not visiting this wild dream more often during the 5 years I lived in Ireland. Regrettably I only managed to visit West Cork twice. Both times however seemed to offer up new and exciting discoveries (mostly food related of course). My last visit was no different as my partner Seán and I had the pleasure of staying at Native Cabins for a weekend. 

If you want to experience a West Cork weekend like us, then we suggest the following…

Drive from Dublin to West Cork (4hrs)

Friday Evening

On your way down, make sure to take a pitstop in Field’s Supervalu Skibbereen for one of their famous ‘Salad Rolls’. A bouncy white bap stuffed with mayo shredded salad and chunks of ham. Trust us, this will cure your car journey blues! 

Whilst you’re there, pick up some nibbly bits for a picnic dinner on the beach. 

Head out of Skibbereen and follow the winding roads to Tralispeen Cove. Here you can watch the sunset, skim stones and dip your toes in the water. If you happen to be super organised, you could even coordinate your visit to the cove with one of Max Jones’ Immersive Feasts


Take a drive along the Wild Atlantic Way to Mizen Head (the most Southerly point of mainland Ireland). Stop off along the way to breathe in the salty air and look out onto the endless expanse of water. Then enjoy a pint of Murphy’s and a crab sandwich at O’Sullivan’s Bar in Crookhaven before heading back to your cosy cabin for a cup of tea and a read of your book.

In the evening, treat yourself to a special occasion dinner at Michelin starred restaurant Chestnut in Ballydehob. You can choose the full tasting menu, a slightly smaller four course or even just grab a few small plates with a crisp glass of wine.


To wake up your sleepy Sunday head, bask in the fiery heat of the Sunrise Sauna parked on Tragumna Beach. Making sure to take breaks in the cool sea waves.

On your way back to Dublin stop at Pike Deli in Clonakilty, where we recommend getting one of everything – you won’t regret it! Grab a filter coffee from Stone Valley Roasters to wash the pastry crumbs down with, then drive the scenic roads back to Cork. Along the way you should get another sweet treat for the road at Wildflour Bakery

If you’re after something a bit more substantial stop at Camus Farm Field Kitchen for a delicious laid back Sunday lunch. The sourdough flatbread brushed with melted butter is just perfect. 



Cissy and Seán … xo